Friday, November 28, 2008

Quick Black Friday Shopping Help

I've been remiss in not sharing these before now, but here they are-- the guides I use for stretching my dollars during Post-Thanksgiving sales.


Best of luck-- let me know if you score anything major! I saved big at, who had my husband's favorite cords for $14.75 a pair. Also did well at, especially with a free shipping coupon I found at RetailMeNot, which is always worth checking before submitting any online order. I haven't paid shipping at all today, just because there were codes out there to be used!

Oh! I also use Ebates to get cash back on purchases, which I highly recommend. For example, I got 9% back on my Old Navy purchase today, and 8% back from Kohl's.

Best of luck to you-- let me know if you have any bargain hunting questions by leaving a comment!


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