Thursday, February 26, 2009

Buffalo Dip

There are few things I like better than chips and dips. Especially hot dips. I've been known to nuke some dip and eat it on Tostitos for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner, and sometimes all three in one day. I just love it.

I tried a new recipe I'd found for a Buffalo Chicken Dip on Oscar Night, and it was quickly added to the List Of Kimmy's Favorite Foods. It occurs to me that it's only right that I should share it with the rest of the world, since it was so good, so here it is.

I've tweaked it a little bit to my liking, and I call it Buffalo Dip.

Buffalo Dip

2 cups cooked chicken, diced or chopped
--- or one large can/pouch of chicken
(I use one pack of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. I cook them, then throw them in the food processor on pulse.)
4-8 oz. Franks Hot Sauce
12-18 oz. cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup blue cheese dressing (I use Marie’s Super Chunky—the one with the black label)
2 cups shredded blue cheese crumbles, divided
The biggest bag of Tostitos scoops you can find

In a large bowl combine: chicken, hot sauce, cream cheese, dressing and ½ of the cheese crumbles. (Adjust the amounts of hot sauce and/or cream cheese to make the dip mild, medium or hot per your own taste.)

Pour mixture into a dish (of course, I highly recommend one of the Pampered Chef bakers, since they retain heat so well, and keep the dip hot longer) and sprinkle with remaining blue cheese. Microwave it until it’s hot and bubbly.
Serve with Tostitos.
You can also eat the cold leftovers on celery sticks.

I actually woke up this morning and realized that I'd left out the cream cheese on Sunday. So, darn, I'll have to make some more... waah. ;)




christelpistol said...

if you weren't already married....

Tricia said...

What christelpistol said...


Sounds DELIGHTFUL and a must try for my next party!

Anonymous said...

holy crap i can't even describe how much i love you right now. the ex-dipshit made this a couple of times and i've been looking for this ever since i got rid of him.

i'm drooling!