Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bobbi Brown Friends & Family!!!!

If I haven't mentioned one of my favorite beauty blogs ever, Musings of a Muse, I have been remiss. The lovely Muse gives some of the best cosmetic reviews out there, with tons of pictures, so it's almost like you're trying the products right along with her. I mention her today because it is because of her that I can share (what I consider to be) some very exciting news...

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is offering a 20% off Friends and Family discount!!! Now, you must act fast, and get your shopping cart in order ASAP, because it starts today and ends tomorrow. The code is BFF08A.

Other things to know...
You can get 4% cash-back if you go to the website via Ebates!
Free Shipping on every order!
Free Samples with every order!

Bobbi Brown is my favorite color line, so I am positively thrilled about this news. Thanks, Musey Muse!

Hope you enjoy this very rare savings opportunity. Let me know if you're a Bobbi fan, and what you get with your discount. Enjoy!


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