Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Okay, I win stuff ALL THE TIME. Wanna try to win something, too?

One of my favorite beauty blogs, CybeleSays, is having a fantastic contest that I want to share with you. She's clearing out her beauty closet! (It gives me chills to even type that, it's so exciting!)

Each prize will contain products that all together total at least $50! Some of the brands: Berwick Beauty, Bourjois, Essie, tarte, Chanel, Haute Face, Rimmel, Surgeon's Skin Secret, L'Occitane, MAC, Urban Decay, Lise Watier, Benefit, Sephora, Clinique, Diana B, Boots, Blue Q, Raw Skincare, Matrix, Estee Lauder, Von Natur, philosophy, Jergens, Sally Hansen and more!

Anyway, here's where to go and how to enter. There will be seven lucky winners, so your chances are good. Best of luck!

Thanks, Cybele, for a chance to win such awesome prizes.


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