Thursday, February 26, 2009

Buffalo Dip

There are few things I like better than chips and dips. Especially hot dips. I've been known to nuke some dip and eat it on Tostitos for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner, and sometimes all three in one day. I just love it.

I tried a new recipe I'd found for a Buffalo Chicken Dip on Oscar Night, and it was quickly added to the List Of Kimmy's Favorite Foods. It occurs to me that it's only right that I should share it with the rest of the world, since it was so good, so here it is.

I've tweaked it a little bit to my liking, and I call it Buffalo Dip.

Buffalo Dip

2 cups cooked chicken, diced or chopped
--- or one large can/pouch of chicken
(I use one pack of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. I cook them, then throw them in the food processor on pulse.)
4-8 oz. Franks Hot Sauce
12-18 oz. cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup blue cheese dressing (I use Marie’s Super Chunky—the one with the black label)
2 cups shredded blue cheese crumbles, divided
The biggest bag of Tostitos scoops you can find

In a large bowl combine: chicken, hot sauce, cream cheese, dressing and ½ of the cheese crumbles. (Adjust the amounts of hot sauce and/or cream cheese to make the dip mild, medium or hot per your own taste.)

Pour mixture into a dish (of course, I highly recommend one of the Pampered Chef bakers, since they retain heat so well, and keep the dip hot longer) and sprinkle with remaining blue cheese. Microwave it until it’s hot and bubbly.
Serve with Tostitos.
You can also eat the cold leftovers on celery sticks.

I actually woke up this morning and realized that I'd left out the cream cheese on Sunday. So, darn, I'll have to make some more... waah. ;)



Monday, February 23, 2009

The Dream Remote

I've not blogged about it before, but one of my most valued possessions is my remote control. In fact, once, during a Tornado Warning, I gathered our pets in the bathroom with the absolute necessities-- a bottle of water, my purse, my cell phone, and my remote. I do know how nutty that may sound, but it is THE Remote Of My Dreams, and I love it. Anyway, I just heard that it's on sale right now on Amazon, so I'm telling you about it today. (Offer expires on March 2nd.)

It's called the Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote, and it is AWESOME. Click here to see what it does-- be sure to watch the short video

I know it's pricey, which is why I'm posting about it while it's on sale. But, like Pedro says, it will make all of your dreams come true...

Happy clicking!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Getting My Blog Back On

Forgive me for not having blogged in so long. Out of nowhere, I have come down with allergies, so I sneezed my head off for about a week and a half, then started to feel better. Today, I'm back to tell you what I learned during my stuffy nosedness...

Kleenex is not the only tissue in town.
For my entire life, I have only used Kleenex brand tissues. I'm not really sure why, but I've never had a reason to look elsewhere for my tissue needs. Until these allergies hit. Yes, dear readers, I have learned how badly tissue can truly rip up one's nose. My nose started peeling after only one day of sniffling and sneezing. Redness, soreness, chapping, chafing, flaking, even mild scabbing. For the first time in my life, I felt what it might be like to be Michael Jackson-- I practically needed tape to keep my nose on my face. After going through a whole box of Kleenex, I asked my husband to get me the kind that has lotion in it, in hopes it would feel better on my nose. He came home with Puffs Plus. My nose took to it, and immediately felt better. At last, it didn't sting to wipe my nose. Yay!

Sometimes It Takes a Foot Product
My nose was obviously in very bad shape, and very uncomfortable in its dryness. I tried all sorts of creams and salves to restore some moisture and get rid of the dry skin that was flaking off by the minute, but NOTHING helped. Finally, I put some real thought into it, and realized I needed something that would exfoliate (without scrubbing-- ouch) AND moisturize well. It dawned on me that I had just the thing-- Kerasal Foot Exfoliating Moisturizer. Now, I knew full well that this heavy-duty stuff has petrolatum in it, which I don't like to put on my face, but I was out of options, and I knew that the 5% Salicylic Acid in it would probably exfoliate better than anything else I would find. Well, presto-change-o. It not only helped-- it FIXED MY NOSE IMMEDIATELY! Poof-- dry flakes were gone. Dryness, done. My nose was returned to normal. So if your nose ever needs it, get yourself to the foot care aisle of the drugstore and find relief.

What Works For My Husband MIGHT Work For Me
For the first week of my Allergy Hell, no medicine worked. I tried several-- Alavert, Tylenol Allergy, Sudafed, Zyrtec, but nothing helped stop the sneezing at all. Finally, on the eighth day, when I was at my very worst (on a Sunday, of course), I asked my husband to go to CVS and "please find me something to try." And the most remarkable words came out of his mouth! He said, "well, Claritin has always worked best for me." I couldn't believe it! Here, I had been at the mercy of my nose and everything related to it for seven miserable days and nights, totally new to the whole World Of Allergies, when, all the while, he actually had some experience with allergies, and had an idea of something that might even help me with mine! The words "NOW you tell me..." were said, in some tone or another, I am sure. But off he went, and came back with the most wonderful drug ever-- Claritin-D Allergy & Congestion. It changed EVERYTHING, and I've been taking it every day since. So THANK YOU, dear, sweet husband, for sharing that kernel of wisdom with me... even if it was eight days into it, it was appreciated. (Alas, men will be boys...)

So those are my lessons learned. Hope it may be helpful to anyone needing some cold/allergy-related relief. My next blog will surely be more interesting...

Until then,