Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Don't Miss This Tomorrow!

Final Sale Boutique at

Okay, so I've blogged about the LaLa before, but what I haven't mentioned is their Final Sale Boutique. This is when the prices are super-low-- many bargains to be had. It starts TOMORROW at 11am Eastern time.

I don't know much about what's going to be on sale, but I do know that stuff FLIES outta there like nobody's business, once it starts, so One Must Be Prepared. In light of that, I would like to share with you the following tips, straight from Rachel, one of the RueLaLa Goddesses.

Rachel writes:

"If you were in our offices right now, you’d notice a hyper buzz in the air. And it’s not just our caffeine addiction. The Final Sale Boutique is coming. Thursday.

The Final Sale is like Ooh La La times infinity. Ooh la la plus an entire tray of seven layer bars. Ooh la la on fire.

It’s fast, it’s frenetic, it’s no holds barred. It’s not always pretty in there. And it’s more fun when you get what you want. That’s why I’m disclosing a few of my personal Final Sale shopping tips here:

Before the doors open:

1. Make sure your account info is up to date. You don’t want to be in there and realize you don’t have a credit card listed, or the one you have is expired.

2. Make a list of your favorite Rue La La designers and check your closet to see what size you are. Also, if you have a dress and/or skirt length you like, take a measurement.

Once inside:

1. When you get inside the Boutique, scan the list of designers and go quickly to the one you love most.

2. Hit the “see all” option so you get a bird’s eye view of all the offerings.

3. Move fast. Really. I can’t stress this enough. The prices are phenomenal. One you put a must-have item in your cart, check out. It’s better to check out twice than lose it.

4. Repeat, starting with 1.

When you’re done:

1. Sit back.

2. Call a friend.

3. Gloat shamelessly.

Have fun in there! And don’t mind my elbow.


So those are her secrets for shopping success. Use them, then come back and tell me what you scored at the sale!

Oh, and if you have not joined RueLaLa yet, you can do so by going to the site and registering. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW AT 11AM TO DO THIS! Just go on and do it now. It's free, so why not? When it asks you for a referral, which it will, you may use my email address: 

You can thank me later.

Good luck, and don't forget to come tell me how it went for you!