Friday, April 24, 2009

Six Things I Use Every Single Day

I am preparing for a beach trip that's coming up (yay!), and was just thinking about what I will need to pack. That, of course, made me think about what the necessities are, or What I Need To Get Through The Day. For your enjoyment, here is a list.

1. Eye Mask

40 blinks eye mask

Since I have Chronic Daily Migraines, it is important that I get a good night's sleep as often as possible. For me, that is impossible if it's too bright in my room. Luckily, Bucky makes the Ultralight 40 Blinks Eye Mask. I love it because it's lightweight, and it's also molded, so it doesn't touch my actual eyeballs. (I don't need anything tugging on my eyelids at any time, especially when I'm sleeping.) I keep a few of them on-hand, since they're perfect for me.

2. Slippers

isotoner ballet slippers black

I used to walk around my house in socks, which was fine, but then I was introduced to the world of Isotoner Ballet Slippers, and my feet's lives were changed forever. Seriously-- the comfort is unparalleled, if you ask me. Like walking on little clouds. (You think I'm joking!) So I wear them around the house all the time. I have a couple of pairs in black, and one in cream (which is more like champagne, since they're satin).

3. Water Bottle

sigg water bottle

I drink two things all day and night. The first is water. So I use a Sigg Water Bottle for that. It's the most beautiful water bottle I have personally ever seen-- mine is a brilliant purple-- but it's also stainless steel and the tops don't leak, so I can (and do) take it anywhere. (I got a Sport Top for mine, because I tend to be a spiller when not careful. It works great.)

4. White Tea


This is the other thing I drink, when not drinking water. White Tea is incredibly high in antioxidants/polyphenols-- something I learned back in my Origins days, when they started using it in their A Perfect World line of skin care. Due to my headaches, I have been off caffeine since 1993, so White Tea is a great option for me, because it has relatively little caffeine in it. It's delicious, mild, and somewhat sweet. Most of the time, I drink it hot, but when my Southern Tastebuds start craving sweet tea, I make some with White Tea bags, and it satisfies me just as well as the Luzianne would. One thing to know about tea-- the more it's processed, the less the antioxidants, so I recommend using loose tea whenever possible. I enjoy the Silver Rain White Tea from The Republic of Tea, as well as any of the blends from Teavana(to which I was introduced by my sister-in-law, Danielle, last year).

5. My iPhone

iPhone home screen

Don't know what I did before I had it, and can't bear to imagine life without it. My iPhone just pleases me to no end. I use it for Phone/Internet/Text Messaging/Camera/Twittering/Just About Anything Else I Do. The App Store fascinates me; where else could I find a way to make my phone tell me when my favorite shows are on (What's On), tell me what song is playing when I hear something I don't recognize (Shazam), and relax me with some peaceful goldfish, swimming happily (KoiPond)? Could not possibly love it more.

6. Something to Read


I absolutely, positively LOVE to read, and try to do so as often as possible. So the final thing I need with me every single day is my Kindle. It's a wireless reading device from Amazon. I love everything about it. I'm most delighted by the ability to download TONS of books onto it, anytime, and that each one takes only about 12 seconds to get to my device, ready to be devoured. I'm not joking-- I'm literally talking about 12 seconds or so. Let's say I'm talking to a friend who tells me there's a new book I should read. I just pick up my Kindle, quickly find said book in the online Kindle shop, click the button to buy it, and, in less time than it takes to sing the Alphabet Song (which I sing rather quickly, even), I've got the book, and can begin reading the thing. Oh, and if I'm not sure I really WANT the book, I just click on the "send me a sample" button, and it will instantly shoot me a sample. For free! Just like that. So, dear readers, if you are A Reader, and you haven't considered a Kindle for yourself, do yourself a favor and check into it. I don't know a single person who has one who doesn't want to marry theirs. Including myself.

So, there you have it. The Bare Necessities, According To Kimmy. When I'm packing for my trip, I'm going to try to remember to take only what I *need* with me. We'll see how that goes...

In the meantime, what are your must-haves? Anything I may also need? ; )

With love,