Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mad Love for the Friends & Family

In case you didn't know, I love cosmetics. Skin care, color, smell-goods, you name it. I am a product junkie, for sure. I spent many years working for The Estee Lauder Companies (for the Origins brand), which I really loved. One thing to know about many prestige cosmetic lines that you find at the mall is that they don't go on sale. I mean, they may do value sets at the holidays, or the occasional Gift With Purchase, but they don't ever offer a discount on everything at the counter like they do in the rest of the store. But... one of the cool things Estee Lauder started doing when I was there was offering the Friends & Family discount to use on the web (or free-standing stores like Origins). Well, this week, they're running one for Prescriptives! Yay!

From today through Friday, October 24th, get 25% off, plus Free Shipping, using the code FRIEND8 at checkout.

I haven't used anything from Prescriptives lately, but I have heard great things about the Super Line Prevention Xtreme Lifting Concentrate. (I love the pen applicator!) I'm also wanting to try the Colorscope Plush Blush for cheeks and lips, because I'm all about the gel blush right now.

Anyway, you've got the code, so go stock up and save!



Allie said...

hi. my name is allie.

i have a cosmetics addiction.

i have spent countless HOURS watching make-up tutorials on youtube.

i own enough make up to paint the face of every drag queen in atlanta, TWICE.

and i need more, so yay for coupons.


the Muse said...

hey kimmy :)

please read my blog today!

good news for you!

KimmyDarling said...

Allie, this post was for you.

Muse, you have made my week!

Vanessa M. said...


Karin said...

Oh Kim! Have you not heard about this yet: http://www.stylehive.com/blog/stylenews-department-store-beauty-lawsuit

bluenbham said...

hello kimmy... when did you become so girlie?! anyhoo, i'm not a big makeup girl myself, but when i do wear makeup, i wear bare escentuals... all natural, 0 additives, etc. my sister is very much into the different products of all things body, she got me hooked on this stuff: http://www.bareescentuals.com/about/
the other is philosophy... this stuff just makes you smile. have you tried it out? http://www.philosophy.com