Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wish List

Since I love to read, and, thus, buy books, I'm a fan of the Amazon Wish List. I've used it for a while, and enjoy being able to hear about a book and add it to the online list with a note to remind me where I heard about it or why it interested me. (Truth be told, sometimes I even add a note if I see it cheaper somewhere else-- by using AllBookStores to compare prices.) I have a few lists, so that I can keep it all somewhat organized. I have lists for books, movies, music, marketing, cooking, and "fun stuff," which is a catch-all for things like pajamas, headphones, cosmetics, and other random things that I would like.

I keep the lists for myself, mostly, but it sure has been nice to send my husband to look at it when he needs gift ideas for me. I wish everybody used them, though, so I could see them! So, to that end, I want to share something I discovered today, which makes it even easier to add things to your list-- things that aren't even from Amazon!

It's the "Universal Wish List" button! It's a button you add to your browser (a lot like the "Share on Facebook" button, if you're familiar with that), so it's visible every time you open your browser. When you see something you like while you're surfing the web, such as a new Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette Bobbi Brown has available on her site, for example, you just click on Add to Wish List, and a little box will pop up to confirm that you want to add it, and let you choose in which list to put the item. It's brilliant! I love it.

Anyway, it's a cool tool. Check it out, and get to work on your lists.



Kat said...

I haven't used the wish list at Amazon. I keep things that I am interested in in my cart. Mostly to remind myself to put it on reserve at the library. I'll have to check out the wish list option - and the universal wish list thing.

Surcie said...

It doesn't matter what it is, if it's got Bobbi Brown's name on it, I want it. Very dangerous.

Parin Stormlaughter said...

I used Amazon's wish lists but keep them to myself.

I've got the Wish List button too.

Love Amazon!

Nicole said...

I have been using it and loving it. Josh is so impressed that this year I have a full list of stuff for him to choose from.