Monday, October 20, 2008

Speaking of Head Gear...

One of the products I recently won in a contest is called a Tassi Hair Holder. It's kinda hard to explain, but I'll do my best. It's a terry cloth headband that you use to keep your hair back when you wash your face, etc. Thing is, it not only keeps the hair in front out of the way, but it is smartly designed to keep long hair off your neck and face, too!

It's best explained on their website, so go there for a better illustration.

Here's the thing I love about it, and forgive me if this gets gross, but it's the truth, so I'm telling it. Since I have Chronic Daily Migraine, I get sick a lot. Meaning I often vomit. Which also means that I often need to keep my hair back, you know, while I'm getting sick. Believe me when I say that the last thing I want to do when I'm sick with a migraine is put my hair in a ponytail or a banana clip, because that is very uncomfortable for a tender head. (And my husband is wonderful, but I don't want to wake him up in the middle of the night every time I need my hair held back from the commode.)

Enter, the Tassi. Oh my gosh, y'all, it is straight from HEAVEN when I am in that awful state. It quickly and comfortably goes on and keeps my hair back off of my face and out of the mess of it all. Thank you, Tassi Creators! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!! Because if there is one thing more depressing than going back to bed with a raging migraine, after having thrown up for the fourth time, it's going back to bed with Puke Hair. It's so sad, and nobody should have to do it.

So the lesson for today is this. The Tassi is for everyone who needs to put their hair back when washing their face, applying skin care, or doing their makeup, sure. It may be one of the best girly stocking stuffers since those Garment Deodorant Remover thingies. But if you have a friend who gets sick a lot, this is a GREAT gift idea, so I hope you'll remember it when you hear of someone who could use such a thing. Believe me, she will appreciate it.



Anonymous said...

oh my goodness...I am at once so happy that you have found something so useful and so sad that you puke so much. I hate to puke. On the good side I am a silent puker...that always facinated my friends as a drunken bunch of teenagers.

Here's hoping rarely get a chance to use it.

KimmyDarling said...

Nah, don't be sad. I'm very good at it-- I can do it really fast, and I'm *close* to silent about it, but not completely.

I will hope with you, though, that I rarely get a chance to use it. =)


Accidental housewife said...

Hey that reminds me of those awful caps we wore way back in the day to keep our "do" from getting messed up while we slept. Do you know how long it takes to rat your hair into a do that Marge Simpson would kill for? Any I love the fact that it keeps all of your hair up. I think these will be in some stockings this Christmas.

Thanks Kimmy
Oh and about your migrains. Still no luck in finding anything to manage them?

surcie said...

I hate to think of Kimmy suffering. : (

I just love stocking stuffer ideas!