Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Was today Christmas???

It felt like it! Why, you ask? Well...

In my mailbox today, there was a lovely card from my cable provider, offering me Showtime and The Movie Channel for free for TWELVE MONTHS. So that's cool enough, right? A full year of more channels-- exactly what my butt needs to get a little bigger?

Well, here's why it felt like Christmas. My new Favorite Show on Television, as of a couple of weeks ago, is called Dexter. Guess what channel it's on. Oh, yes. It's on Showtime. Yaaaay!

After a couple of trusted friends were raving about the show on a messageboard I frequent, I decided to check it out. After all, it was easy to do-- I could watch the first season online via Netflix (possibly my Favorite Service on the Internet)! So I watched the first episode, and was instantly hooked. The premise, if you've not heard about it, is that Dexter is a Blood Spatter Expert for the Miami Police Department. Oh, AND HE'S A SERIAL KILLER. Uh-oh, right? It is delicious! The characters are richly written and beautifully acted, the plot is unique, twisted, and twisty, and each episode is jam-packed with relevant plot development, rather than filled with airy filler. I watched the first season in two days, then watched Season 2 on DVD. The third season just started on Sunday, the premiere of which I watched online last week, thanks to some entertainment blog I found, which had a secret code to preview it, courtesy of Showtime.

But now I can watch it on the big screen at home. In Hi-Def, even! I am so excited. Thanks, Cox Communications, for the free movie channels. And thanks to the guy who answered the phone when I called to take advantage of the special offer. After he changed my service, he said,

"okay, we're all done here."
I said, "suhhhhweeeeeeeeet! Do you even KNOW what you have just GIVEN ME?!!"
He said, "umm, I am pretty sure I do, but what do you mean?"
"Well, only the greatest thing you could give somebody whose favorite show on television is DEXTER, that's what!" [shouting/shrieking now]
"Oh, well, that's great. I'm glad you're pleased. I hope you enjoy it."
"Enjoy it? I'm about to do a round-off back-handspring right this second!"
"Oh... well... may I suggest some stretches before the handsprings, then?"
"BWAAAAAAHAHAHAAAAAAAA! That's funny. Good idea. Thanks! Bye!"

And I did about 42 round-off back-handsprings in a row. I did! On the inside. And so, as I am sure you can imagine, I'm very tired now, and am going to bed.

Goodnight, Dexter! See you next Sunday at 9 o'clock Eastern!



christelpistol said...


you are JUST NOW finding out about Dex?

do you live under a rock, my love?

KimmyDarling said...

Yes! A rock that didn't have Premium Channels, so I just didn't care about Those Cable Shows! ;)

Tasty said...